Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where do we begin?

I don't know a great deal about blogging. So, please bare with me as I navigate this new terrain. The thought of blogging never occurred to me, not until this morning around 11. A friend of mine asked my opinion on a film he'd recently viewed. After I assaulted my keyboard with a reply, an interesting thought crept up from the back of my mind. I have so many ideas about the movies, so many things I want to share with others, what better way to spread these thoughts than the internet? Thus, the blog.

I would love to share my thoughts about films with anyone who cares to read. More than likely, the movies that I'll be commenting on won't be the current box office hits. Instead I would like to focus on the classics, cult classics and others that have helped to shape films today but have been forgotten by so many.

Any feedback or suggestions would be wonderful. I hope to hear from some people soon.


  1. Nice writing Wes. I'm glad to follow. Welcome to blogging!
    3 month veteran here..

  2. You need to get on to LAMB Wes. You can find links through a lot of bloggers websites. You can't apply until you've been active for 3 months but just reading the other blogs will give you plenty of ideas and point you in the right direction for how things work. Look forward to seeing you around.